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  • Ebrious — E bri*ous ([=e] br[i^]*[u^]s), a. [L. ebrius.] Inclined to drink to excess; intoxicated; tipsy. [R.] M. Collins. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • ebrious — adjective a) Having a tendency towards alcohol abuse. When the patient entered the consultation room, the neurologist immediately noted his ebrious step, and suspected a lesion of the cerebellum. b) Drunk, tipsy …   Wiktionary

  • ebrious — …   Useful english dictionary

  • drunk — 1. adjective /drʌŋk/ a) In a state of intoxication caused by the consumption of excessive alcohol, usually by drinking alcoholic beverages. Drunk with power he immediately ordered a management reshuffle …   Wiktionary

  • ebriety — state or habit of being intoxicated, 1580s, from Fr. ébriété, from L. ebrietatem (nom. ebrietas) drunknenness, from ebrius drunk, full, sated with drink, of unknown origin. The opposite of sobriety. Related: Ebrious …   Etymology dictionary

  • inebrious — ə̇ˈnēbrēəs adjective Etymology: perhaps blend of inebriation and obsolete English ebrious addicted to drink, drunk, from Latin ebrius drunk 1. obsolete : inebriating 2. : inebriated …   Useful english dictionary

  • -ious — suffix forming adjectives meaning characterized by, full of , often corresponding to nouns in ion (cautious; curious; spacious). Etymology: from or after F ieux f. L iosus * * * adjective suffix Etymology: Middle English, partly from Old French… …   Useful english dictionary

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